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Haven't uploaded in too long. No, I'm not dead, don't get yer hopes up. I guess I just can't be assed. It's this damn cold, yo. That, and my mom got hit by a van. Kinda sucks.

But anyways, if y'all harken back to when I saw hit by that faggot in the Zafira, since it was 100% the other guy's fault, his insurance are payin up... BIG. My solicitor estimated the damage at way more than it's worth (technically he estimated it just right, but the third party's insurance would've estimated way less) and I know a guy who knows a guy who can get Po fixed for dirt cheap, which should leave me and mom with a nice wad of cash. Cash I will use to spoil my special girl (talkin bout La Luna) and maybe head on over to the states again :D Hear that, Sketchy?! I'm comin for ya!

So what does all this have to do with my art? Well, once I get those delicious monies, I will buy... a digital art pad! :O

"But Urban Cowboy, you hold the world record for most hate towards digital art."

Thank you for reminding, my high-pitched follower. While I hate digital art so much I can't sleep at night, I do think it's useful for comics and spur of the moment doodles. And I have seen some pretty beautiful things made with digital art (even though they're not real). Once I get a tablet, I'm gonna disolve it in a glass of water and swallow that shit. Then I'm gonna buy a tablet! :D

Fluttershy's Bounty will be continued digitally. My new Halo 2/MLP crossover that died before birth on the cancerous website known as fimfiction will now be a comic. And I have plenty other ambitions, buuut I don't wanna jinx myself.

So until next time, stay safe, stay dangerous, have faith in Trump, but most of all, use yer damn indicators. Later.
I thought I wouldn't be able to make journals anymore, not being a core member and all, but it seems I was mistaken. Good thing I can, cos now I can show y'all this:…

He should consider himself lucky I wasn't in La Luna, eh >;D

But anyways, how y'all doin'?
My premium membership runs out soon n' no way am I payin' the new, ridiculous price for a new one. Hardly use any o' the features anyways. If I need to post a journal, I guess I'll have to draw somethin' n' put it all in the description. But before my premium runs out, I might as well make the most of it.

La Luna is for sale for 4000 quid. Anyone wanna buy her? Note me.

And I'll be putting up one last poll.

Can't think of owt else to say so I guess this is it. Until I post another picture, cheerio!

Update: Right now, La Luna isn't road legal in England. She is confined to the compound that the garage is in and the long stretch of lonely road just outside it. She must be fixed up to a point that she will pass her MOT, the MOT itself will cost money, and she will need to be registered in the UK once she's passed her MOT. And a driveway in my back yard so she has somewhere to park. All of this costs a shit ton. I'm looking for a second job to help pay for all this, but until I get one, I've set up a GoFundMe campaign for people to donate. If you can't or don't wanna donate, that's fine, I don't expect you to (but if you do I'd be super grateful and would draw a free commission for ya ;)) But just spreading the word and sharing the link below with as many peeps as pos would be help enough.
I'm selling one of my personal favourite pictures on Ebay. If anyone's interested the listing is here:…?

This is the picture in question: For Britain! by UrbanCowboy117

I might sell other pictures depending how well this goes down.

I'm pretty much whoring myself out for money these days. I even bet the guys at work I could chug a coffee mug of naga chilli (ghost pepper) sauce. I doubt I will, that sauce is hot as fuck. I try some every time I get the chance though, maybe I'll evolve and become resilient to it. Maybe if I jump off a cliff a few times, I'll evolve and sprout wings, then I'll be the famous flying guy, and me n' La Luna will be rich.

It's all about La Luna. Gotta get her fixed. Might even turn to prostitution. Come up Wakefield Saturday night, I'll be there, hanging out at Argos corner. My rates are low, I'm pretty shit, but I'll do whatever, and whoever, I don't care, as long as I'm getting at least 50p, I can't afford to turn my nose up. Just kidding by the way, don't get yer hopes up, holy shit.

But if you ever wanna buy any of my art, hit me up and I'll sell it to you direct, no ebay or nuttin. And don't forget; I do commissions if you've got something specific in mind.
"Last ever BUCKcon," they say. How can I miss it? Well, quite easily actually. Only goin' for one day (Sunday 10th of April). Anyone else goin', lemme know n' keep my eyes open ;)
Tagged by :iconkatputze:. Aint posted nothing in a while so might as well.

1. Obvious, of course, but what is your name? 

Geoff: Geoff.

2. How old are you?

Geoff: 21

3. What color are your eyes?

Geoff: Green

4. How about hair color?

Geoff: I aint got no hair, I'm a bald eagle.

5. Height?

Geoff: 6 feet. (About the height of a lion)

6. Weight…?

Geoff: 419 Ibs (About the weight of a lion)

7. How many people live in your house? No details yet, please!

Geoff: Me, Gilda and our hostage, Scootaloo.

8. Details now! How many people in your family? Siblings? Names, ages, short descriptions? Whatever you've got, I'll take it!

Geoff: Family of one. Pappa ran away when I was 5, and Mamma went to jail when I was 11. Me n' my big sis were adopted by a couple o' lovey dovey ponies in Trotingham. After 4 hours I just couldn't take their "goody two shoes-ness" no more so I ran away to Hoofington and grew up alone. When I turned 12 I went back to Griffonstone. Still no sign of Mamma, Pappa or sis.

9. What school do you go to?

Geoff: I don't go to school no more.

10. Are you in college? Or, if you DID go to college, what would you major in?

Geoff: I didn't go to college. I did military training, but I never passed selection after psycho analysis.

11. Oh, by the way, where do you live?

Geoff: Griffonstone

12. And what's your birthday? I want to send you a present if you win! (Sorry, not really.)

Geoff: I forget.

13. Are you dating anyone?

Geoff: Nope. Gilda and I live together and we do some fucked up shit, but we actually hate each other.

14. If yes, do your parents know?

Geoff: I think you got yer words mixed up. I think you mean; do you know your parents! It's been so long, I don't know em anymore, n' I don't even care.

15. What do you think is your best skill?

Geoff: Driving big vehicles. I can drive cars n' aircraft ok but I'm better with trucks.

16. How about your worst?

Geoff: What am I shit at? ... Giving a shit.

17. Biggest weakness(es)?

Geoff: Bullets

18. Have you ever done anything illegal?

Geoff: Oh yeah, all the time. What, you want a list? Theft, burglary, assault, kidnapping, rape, murder, homicide.

19. Did you get caught?

Geoff: Did I get captured or did I get seen? Sometimes I got seen, yeah. No one could ever catch me though.

20. If yes, did you go to jail?

Geoff: Aint never been to jail.

21. Favorite food? Yes, I know the questions were interesting and now they're suddenly boring!

Geoff: Pony steak, pony sausages, pony burgers, pony nuggets, raw pony.

22. Least favorite food?

Geoff: Vegetables, except peas, beans n' mashed potatoes with lots of gravy. And pony privates.

23. Color? Yeah, I know you hate the question. Everyone does.

Geoff: Purple, but it doesn't suit me as well as green.

24. Favorite type of music? If you want you can tell me your favorite band too.

Geoff: Rock and jazz.

25. How about animal.

Geoff: Real big snakes.

26. Book?

Geoff: Reading's for egg heads.

27. Now, then. Big question. What team are you on?

Geoff: I'm in a gang with :iconsketchywolf-13: :iconmegaphonnic: :iconkatputze: and :iconismoshie: x3 We hunt down pedophiles and kill them in fun and creative ways.

Essay time! Yes, yes I know. Giant groan.
Why do you think that you should be the new admin? If you don't actually want to be the new admin, then why should your creator be the new admin?

Geoff: Admin? Admin of what? Admin of Equestria? Aint that what Celestia does. I'd love to be in Celestia's position, rule Equestria, make the law. And I'd have Luna by side. Who doesn't want Luna by their side?


I don't tag anyone. If ya wanna do it, just do it.

She didn't pull out on me on purpose. She just didn't get enough observations in, just assuming it was clear after that blue SUV went by. I was actually laughing after lol. And even when I was going around her, she was indicating to go right. She woulda cut straight across n' hit me if I didn't blast the horn.
K so here it is. It took 5 hours to upload 55% then froze, so I split it in half. Probably won't upload the second half since it's just driving down a highway.…
I'm back, and I had a boss time in California. I got my pictures signed, met Sketchy n' saw some awesome cosplayers!

I won't show all of em but I think these are the best. Especially that Fluttershy :3

When I took this picture, the lights were off n' I couldn't see anything. Didn't know they were all giving me the finger lol.

I rented a car, and what a car!

Driving in America was easy once I got used to it. I sucked at first though.

And as if it couldn't get any better, I got to take Sketchy's La Luna for a spin too.

I have a video which is still uploading -_- When it's done, I'll be sure to post it.

It's good to be back. I missed my cat like crazy. And I missed talkin to you swell folks ;)

Inking has begun on Fluttershy's Bounty part 3. Next thing I upload will probably be the finished collab with Sketchy.
Goin to LA for a week. Not gonna be active on DA while I'm there since last time I went on DA abroad, I couldn't access my acount when I got back. I'll totally post an EQLA adventures journal when I get back, and I'll be inking Fluttershy's Bounty part 3 on the plane. Anyone else goin to EQLA, watch yer back ;)
Got overtaken by a big rig while listening to Pinkie Pie Smile (metal cover).

Fluttershy's Bounty Part 3 is sketched, just needs inking n' colouring. I think I'll save it so I've got something to ink on the plane to LA. I'm currently inking a new comic though. The first in a series of shorts about the Dazzlings. I suck at humans, but the more I draw em, the more I improve. I'm just keepin' em relatively show accurate for now, albeit with actual skin tones.
I just did this n' now I'm doing it all over again cos as soon as I submitted it it disappeared without a trace. Deviantart, y u so special needs? :(

1. How long you been on DevianArt?

I've been on DA since 2012.

2. What does your username mean?

It was the name of a character I created when I was in solitary confinement.

3. Describe yourself in three words.

Handsome, gorgeous, sexy :D

4. Are you left handed or right handed?

Right handed but left footed

5. What was your first deviantion?

Mature Content

Bringing People Together by UrbanCowboy117

I give it the mature content filter not cos it's violent, but because it sucks n' I'm embarrassed by how much it sucks.

6. What's your favorite type of art to create?

Art that exists in real life!

7. If you could master a different type of art, what would it be?

Martial arts

8. What was your first favorite?

This comic by Silver Quill
Enemy Mine by MLP-Silver-Quill

9. What type of art to you tend to favorite the most?

Good art that is worthy of being faved

10. Who is your all-time favorite artist?

I can only pick one? Fuck you, quiz, I'll pick as many as I want

11. If you can meet anyone on DeviantArt, who would it be?

All the above plus :iconthefightingfalcon08:

12. Has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

CatTwat from way back introduced me to DA. I discovered promarkers through FrostyKat. If it weren't for Sketchy, I'd be going to Baltimore with my homie AP n' his gay-ass girlfriend instead o' LA this September. And all the "artists" that fill my group inboxs with bullshit for making me not care anymo

13. What are your preferred tools to crate art?

Faeces and tiles

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to crate art?

A mountain top

15. What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?

The time I was on DA then turned the computer off to go out n' buy my cat. Cherished memories :3

(Please don't disappear when I submit)

So there I was, sat on my bed with my pencil, paper and cat, ready to continue work on part 3 of Fluttershy's Bounty, when the internet explorer on my xbox refuses to work. It actually stopped working last night, but I figured it would've fixed itself by morning like the youtube app did two days ago. I like to use internet explorer while I draw so I can look at various vehicles from different angles and remind myself of ponies' designs.

So I contacted xbox support and spent about 6 god damn hours trying to get it working. Troubleshooting, fucking about with a flash drive, writing down random numbers and all this technical crap that just confuses me. Eventually I end up talking to a different xbox representative who says it's an issue that's effecting everyone, not just me. I'd been under the impression it was just effecting me specifically since it didn't show up in the xbox live service alert and the guy I was talking to before never mentioned it.

Coming up to 7 hours now. That's 7 hours I could've spent drawing wasted on going back and forth between my computer and my xbox (they're in separate rooms) trying to get the darn thing to work when all the time I would never be able to get it to work anyway. I thought these new gen consoles were supposed to be improved from the old ones. Won't even be able to play split screen Halo anymore soon. Proof that we're going backwards.

Sorry guys for the long wait. I was able to draw a few panels since they featured Trixie n' her RV which I'm used to drawing all the time. Blame xbox.
Golf... It's always a fuckin' Golf. They oughta ban em like pitbulls. Lol jk, but the driver should totally get executed.

Got a dash cam installed. Good thing too, cos look at this!…

On closer inspection, both cars are at fault. The car being overtaken to the right didn't look before he pulled out onto the road, the blue Ford almost hitting him. The blue Ford should've slammed on the brakes, but instead he got on the wrong side of the road n' came straight at me to get around that other car.

Hopefully some day I'll record a plane crash - get a million views lol! :D
Been a while since I've done anything. Just letting y'all know I'm still alive and I've started colouring my next picture. Should be up in a few days.

So while we're on the subject of being alive, what do you guys wanna do before you die? What are your ultimate goals? Mine are to drive a Peterbilt 379, fly an aircraft of some sort, and (here's where it gets freaky) drink wine out of a human skull.
emoticon pinkamena
Don't ask.
So my lil Fiesta's engine kept cutting out every time I stopped at a set of lights, n' when I tried starting it, it wouldn't start unless I turned the key n' floored the gas pedal simultaneously. Well now, all those problems have been solved!

Aaww yeah, get in line, ladies... and guys... y'know, to order a pizza :P 'Tis a Fiat Panda, only a year old, and is the biggest thing I can afford right now, albeit I'm sharing it with my mum. The semi truck will come, yo!

As for art, my collab with Katapatuntze is underway, and it sounds like my age old collab with SingYourSong from ten billion years ago will be complete soon :3 Then I think I'll make a few lil pictures. Who knows, maybe season 5 will inspire me... to draw hard-core R34! ... Lol jk :P
Just giving y'all a heads up that my next piece will include Nazis, in case any of y'all are sensitive to that kinda stuff. It's a collab I'm working on with :iconkatputze:, who is German, and of course I'm American British, and both of us are ok with it :D

So what's yer onion on us drawing Nazis? Actually, that's a question to ask in the polls >;3
Not much fanart this month, probably cos I aint making much art myself. The Valentine's day pic is still in progress tho. I also gotsta whip up something quick for a buddy's birthday, n' me n' Katapatuntze are gonna do a collab some time.

Onto the fanart; only one this time lol. I'm grateful to :iconfred7162: for making it.

And before you start shipping, no, Geoff n' Fluttershy are not an item. Flutters is just my fave character :3